Anna Sui Spring 2011 RTW

This year Anna Sui is being celebrated. Twenty years in the industry, forty collections. Admired by her peers and inspiration to fashionistas worldwide.

Her Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection was Sui at her best. Days of Heaven was the notion for this collection, which could be felt throughout the whole show. The background print of the lonely house amongst a field of gold glistening straw-like stems in the summer set the scene, and the folk music playing set the mood.

Sui’s vision came to life and like always the whole show was a complete fantasy.

The model’s hair and make up was based on Joni Mitchell. Simple styled hair to accommodate head pieces that Sui had designed. Make up was natural and sun kissed, the girls were made up to look their age.

The clothes were very romantic and whimsical. Print was the main feature alongside with the flowy fabric in a mixture of short and full length dresses in warm colour tones.

Sui is a unique designer, it is always possible to tell what sub culture she had in mind, and in this collection it was for the hippies.

The Classic Hippie.

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