The Hippie Guide

The New Age Hippie is more in touch with the modern times. They still have the same morals of Peace Love Unity respect and unlike the traditional hippie with life being very simple, they have evolved to be more adaptable to the changing and more technological ways of society.

The fashion style of a hippie is always associated with being very light and flowy. Mostly having prints of flowers. A romantic ideal and portrayal of their wishful life.

Photographed by Thomas Nutzl
Fashion by Anne-Marie Curtis
Featured in ELLE UK, April 2010

Another fashion style is the hippie traveller. They love to travel and its more a comfortable attire and still colourful. This story shows the more modern hippie.

Photographed by Mario Testino
Fashion by Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, Etro and Balmain
Featured in VOGUE UK, March 2008

New age Hippies are not club goers but more party “gatherings” people. A venue is picked and decorated with very colourful festive decorations. It is as the saying goes “its not where you are at, it is who you are with, that makes the party” this is so true to them. New Age Hippies come together and celebrate, it is like they are in their own world of pure bliss and no negativity. Everything is positive. They are a community that plays together. It is an abandonment of reality.

Festivals are popular. In England, Strawberry Fair in Cambridge attracts many across the country. It’s not just for hippies but for fun trendy teenagers and also for families.

Glastonbury, a well known festival, is filled with hippies. Kate Moss can be seen here every year, which leads me to woman herself as being a british icon for “new age hippinism”. She has self-described as being abit of a hippie rock chic and this is shown through her choice of clothing and her care free attitude.

Another icon lives across the pond, Nicole Richie, her hippie style is more evident in what she wears and now with her clothing line Winter Kate available fans of Richie and hippie dressers can wear clothing like hers. There are definitely influences of hippinest in her line. Although the irony in this is, the price. There are not many hippies that earn enough to afford such luxury.

Coachella, an American festival, is the equivalent to Englands Glastonbury. Another popular event for celebrities and hippies. Richie has often attended the open air party.

Camden Town in London is Hippie Heaven. There are many stall and small shops in the market and stables that sells a lot of products that appeals to the hippies, especially printed cotton throws. They are seen roaming around the area enjoying the day, people watching, talking to friends they bump into, playing music because they want to not because they have to. In general being very social.

There is not one particular shop that a hippie would go to to buy their clothes. Most of their attire is picked up from jumble sales, shared or anything they see in Camden market. Their dress sense is very much like their character and attitude – free spirited and carefree.

On a sunny day where the mood of the people is uplifted from the unusual good weather of England, the Hippies are in their element – being happy to be surrounded with like-minded and feeling people.
A restaurant slash “hangout” called Inspiral, which is just by the bridge, is where you can see a crowd of them. A favourite place to eat good food and ,drink good drinks. The entire menu is organic and vegan. The way they care for the environment, people and animals. Is the same way they care for their own bodies, considered a “temple”. First choice of food is vegetables and fruit.

Psychedelic Trance and Progressive Electronica is their music of choice. Another example of how the hippie has evolved into the twenty first century, it is a difference to Woodstock days where a lot of the music was instrumental and vocal.

Have a listen:

Easy Rider is an American film made in 1969 and was written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern. Fonda who produced and Hopper directed both starred in the film as two bikers travelling through the south west and south with the aim of achieving freedom.

The movie is thought to have explored the societal landscape, issues and tensions in the United States during the 1960s, such as the rise and fall of the hippie movement.

Enjoy the film:


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