When I met a New Age Hippy

Melanie Lowe, a 30’s something years old woman, has a big smile that makes you want to smile with her. She found her smile years ago when she realised the world could be a better place with happy like – minded people. Once a Goth in her teens, she became fed up with the miserable and morbid outlook on life. From one extreme to another, she describes her new world…

Hi Melanie, can I call you Mel?

Hello, some people call me Mel, my last name is Lowe aka Mel Lowe.

That is cool.

That is also actually my company’s name – I teach yoga part-time. So it’s called Mel Lowe Yoga.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Well, I love practising yoga, I love people, I love animals, I love going to parties.

What kind of parties?

We define them as Psy- Trance parties. Psychedelic Trance is the music we listen to. They’re colourful parties, lots of decorations, lots of psychedelic images, just having friendly people running around and dancing.

So would you have fun at a hip hop party?

Uhm, I don’t think so.

What is your outlook on life?

Well, there’s a saying that us New Age Hippies like to use, it’s called PLUR. Stands for Peace Love Unity and Respect. It’s basically living with other like-minded people and also people who aren’t the same as you and just respecting everyone. Learning how to live with everyone and love everyone.

What is you guilty pleasure?

That’s actually very easy. It comes in a form of a bottle called Amarula Cream Liqueur. I drink about three bottles of those a week. It’s my guilty pleasure because it’s loaded with sugar and cream. I also like turkish delight chocolates.

I think you must be the only person I know that likes turkish delight chocolates.

I know everyone hates it.

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

I actually like to make clothes. Otherwise, I like to shop at markets and I usually pick up stuff that was brought over from India and Thailand. I like to wear flowy, colourful, decorative clothes. Like fairies. Clothes that shows your individuality. Not normal grey, brown colours.

How about black?

Black is ok. But not all black. As long as there are squirts of colour in there to give it a bit of life and individuality.

What is your favourite film?

My favourite film is not actually very New Age Hippy. Natural Born Killers.

Why do you like that film?

Well, I guess they are kind of New Age Hippy Bonnie and Clyde, in their car going around killing people. But it’s not like I would want people to do this, because of course Peace Love Unity and Respect. I also like Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

What is the difference between Hippy and New Age Hippy?

Hippies are back in the 60’s, they were in the movement of Make Love Not War. They were all about Peace Love Unity Respect, listening to the old rock n roll music, they would go to Woodstock. A lot of acid, mind altering drugs, smoke a lot of weed. Now New Age Hippy, it’s 2011, 21st century, it’s a bit different. We’re more into a different kind of music, more into electronic music, not really instruments. We live in the urban kind of world aswell. We’re more about crystal, energy healing. I don’t conform to society’s rules.

What is your favourite music?

Psychedelic Trance, progressive kind of electronica. Anything that has a hard drum and base behind it with nice psychedelic noises in the background.

What is your mantra or motto?

I’ve got a lot. “You’re never too old to start from scratch and begin again”.

Have you ever been anything else apart from a hippy?

Yes, I was into black metal and goth. I had black hair, no eyebrows and piercings on my face.

So what made you go from being a Goth to a New Age Hippy?

Because it’s not a very positive state of being. The Goth is all morbid, where as Hippy is more  colourful, light and fluffy.

What is your favourite food?

I do not eat meat. I do eat fish. I love asian cuisines, especially Thai. I love indian curry.

Where is your favourite getaway?

Definitely India. I like to go to India once a year, down by the ocean.


I like the whole culture. I love that the people are devotional to their Gods. It’s a very colourful place. The people are friendly. They have time for everyone.

There is a lot of reference to India, from what you wear and what you like. Do you think India is linked to New Age Hippies in any way?

Back in the 60’s a lot of the bands like The Beatles went to India to find their calling because being in a band, being involved with sex, drugs and rock n roll, you need a break. You go out to India and find out there is actually more to life, there is a deeper higher meaning. I would definitely say India is linked to a hippy lifestyle.

Where would you want to live in the world?

My home country – South Africa –  in the bush. In my house I built with my family on my land, where I can grow vegetables. Or, the second place would be India.

Final words.

Be happy, love everyone. Make your life more colourful. Don’t be afraid to be an individual. Don’t follow the rat race and just look up and be positive.


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